Ticket Mediation

The 38th  District Court is pleased to offer online ticket mediation.  If you received a citation in the last 14 calendar days and you would like consideration on the points, you may complete the information below, the magistrate will review your file as well as your reasoning.  After reviewing all available information and with concurrence of the police department, your citation may be amended to a no point violation.  You will be notified via the e-mail address you provided with your request.

You have the option of accepting the offer by paying the amended citation within 5 days of the court notifying you of the offer.   If you accept the offer, you will return to this website and pay the citation using the link below.

If you do not accept the offer, the citation will remain as charged and you may either pay the original citation through the CLEMIS payment system listed on the citation (https://payments.clemis.org), you may report to the court to go before the magistrate in person or you can request a hearing date by either appearing in person or following the directions on the violation.

All civil infractions must be addressed by the defendant within 14 days of being issued the violation.  Failure to respond may result in additional penalties for failing to appear as directed.

IMPORTANT:  If the magistrate, with concurrence of the police department, amends your citation, the cost of the citation will be the cost of the amended charge.

NOTE:  This mediation process is NOT for contesting the citation and no hearings will be set

based on the information you provide.  This is only for those who admit responsibility to the violation and would like consideration to have the citation amended to a no point violation only.

Please be careful to submit all information accurately, as any mistakes may lead to a warrant being issued if we cannot locate your ticket information in our systems.

38th District Court

Honorable Kathleen G. Galen